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Klenery is a European team working on the solution for a global problem; the transition of our energy systems and a simultaneous mitigation of global CO2 emissions.

We offer innovative products and services to accelerate the implementation of decentralized, sustainable energy systems and we are here to demonstrate their true value for our lives and our evolution.

We are based in Spain (HQ) and Denmark while, our partners and professional network expands to UK, Belgium, USA and South Africa.

Klenergy was born out of the necessity to accelerate the implementation of renewable energy sources and sustainable technologies. Climate change is real and we have decided it is time to act now.

We are taking over.

We are always on.


Energy sector is the most monopolistic, polluting and slow evolving sector of our society.

At the same time, we see a political lag – and therefore, failure – to deal effectively and in a timely manner, with climate change.

We also see threats to the slow but important steps taken, towards a more sustainable future.

We even, see “alternative facts”, short-vision decisions or, stupidity…

However, there is good news!


We are lucky to be alive in the time that the cheapest electricity comes from wind and the sun.

Klenergy sees these technologies as a pathway, not only to a greener and less polluted planet (which is still a HUGE deal!) but also, as a pathway to a fairer and more democratic society, with equal access to resources and therefore, opportunities.

Our Team


Agustin Roig


Industrial Engineer and Product Designer


Gerard Bel


Industry Automation & Electrical Engineer - Specialization in FC


Markos Romanos


Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineer


Eugenio Moliner


Electronics and Automation Engineer - Specialization in PV


Marc Feliu


Blockchain developer



Energy efficient


RES and sustainable technologies can of course help reduce cost of electricity and produce electricity with zero environmental impact, even in large, utility scale; in centralised applications (i.e. PV plants, or wind farms).

However, Klenergy sees the real value and impact of these technologies in decentralised, smart-gird applications due to the additional positive externalities that come with it; economic, social and environmental.

We want to demonstrate the benefits of energy decentralisation and smart energy management at a community level, by designing value-creation streams through sustainable technologies, for the benefit of the community. Then we will implement it at the scale of the problem; globally.

This is why we continuously create new synergies with other innovators, academic institutions, entrepreneurs, and mutli-disciplinary professionals / specialists – according to our main focus: creating the highly skilled team that will successfully demonstrate the benefits of such project and in that way, maximize the impact of sustainable technologies.

Now, it’s the time to work for a sustainable, fairer future. The revolution has already started.

Scalable (kWp to low-MWp)
Energy sectoral integration (electricity heat and transportation)
Harness and store all the excess generated electricity for up to months.

  • Contribute to the fight against global warming.
  • Build a better planet for the future generations.

Our Technology

Klenergy brings a series of hardware and software products, designed to tackle the inertia of change observed in the energy sector.

Our dedicated, passionate team along with our partners, combine forces to offer a complete ‘de-centralisation toolbox’ bringing together: an innovative CHP hydrogen battery, a smart energy meter and application of blockchain technology.

All products have been designed keeping always in mind the potential advantages and positive externalities of energy de-centralisation. The whole team is dedicated to successfully demonstrate to the World that an energy system, based 100% on sustainable and decentralised technologies, is possible.

Our products



A small scale battery to turn your house into a 100% self-sufficient system. Get full use of your sun panels or windmill and save the surplus of energy as Hydrogen - and transfer back to your home as electricity and heat when sun is down or the wind takes a break.



Let say your plant or factory is in a place where there is no or very bad electric power supply. You may get sun panels or get a wind-mill park to help you get electricity. With our battery - you can become 100% self-sufficient with power.



Buy electric power when it is cheap or even free. And sell it again when price goes up. Too good to be true… We got the battery that can make this happen.



If you need to store electric power energy… or maybe you need to stabilize it. We can help you. Give us a call.


Energy consultant

There is no silver bullet as an answer for sustainable development and climate change mitigation.

The answers are out there and they lie in smart application of the existing technologies, smart funding and business models for demonstrating them, and also, a wholistic approach when designing them (i.e. ‘big picture’). These are the design rules that Klennergy has followed in all our products.

We apply our big picture perspective of the energy sector on every-day, practical solutions and in collaboration with our partners, we can offer various energy and engineering services like: energy consultancy on energy efficiency/savings matters, integration of sustainable energy systems for tailored solutions, building energy certificates, control and automation solutions & maintenance of PV installations.

Denmark & UK: info@klenergy-tech.com Contact us for more info.


METRON is a plug-and-play, energy monitoring system, designed to give meaningful perspectives of the users’ energy consumption while offering them “energy training” to become energy efficient and smart consumers.

METRON gives you the ability to listen to your home, by transforming it to a smart energy hub – at the commands of your fingertips through your smartphone and our free app ESTIA.

Together with our partners we are currently developing the next generation of METRON which will be based on blockchain technology. This will reduce the operational costs of the data management and will offer much higher security in the recording of the transactions.


The flagship of our products is our hydrogen storage solution, HELIOS. It taps on the competitive advantages of the most sustainable and most accessible fuel (we produce hydrogen from pure water, with zero carbon emissions). In that way, we store excess electricity in the form of hydrogen, which is compressible and makes it a unique solution for seasonal storage applications (months).

HELIOS is the only truly flexible, plug-and-play CHP energy storage solution able to cover transportation demand, too – since hydrogen is a fuel and not just a form of energy.

HELIOS offers 80% CHP efficiency and 20% lower cost of storage within the unit’s lifetime (20 years), when compared to lithum ion batteries. It is also capable to offer vast energy storage capacities, seasonal storage and energy storage densities, at least 7-10 higher that what do current batteries achieve.

Just add water! (That’s where the hydrogen comes from…)




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